Has your engine begun to show signs of aging?  Do you have rusty leaks on your manifolds?  Are you seeing oil leaking from the seals?  Is it harder to start when it is cold?  Sometimes, more serious problems occur such as water ingestion, overheating, or damage from striking a submerged object. Or you may simply be seeking to replace it with an engine with superior performance, fuel efficiency, or new technology. 

Repowering your boat is not a simple task.  There are several things to consider.  The time that it will take to repower your boat with a new engine.  What other systems will need to be upgraded to accommodate factory warranty specifications?  Electrical systems, cooling systems, and exhaust, propeller, running gear. 

Take time to repower your boat properly.  Repowers are typically done in the offseason.  This way, you can do your research without rushing and make deliberate decisions regarding using the best parts possible, at the lowest price available.  Also, your technician will have more time to spend with you through the process to ensure that your repower will accomplish your goals in a reasonable time at a reasonable price.

Whether you are a sailboater or a powerboater, your boat value depends, not just on aesthetics, but also on the age of your equipment and how well it has been cared for.  For example, a boat may be in pristine condition, but if it had a really old engine in it, the value would be much lower than what it could fetch with a new power plant. 

One great example of a perfect repower, was when a client of Access Marine found a Bayliner 2455 in fantastic condition with a blown engine.  He repowered the boat and the boat was worth more than the cost of the purchase and repower combined.  Value aside, the biggest advantage for him was peace of mind when he fishes offshore since his engine starts every time, runs smoothly, and is fuel-efficient. 

Why not rebuild?

Rebuilding your engine is very different from a “repower” (or replacing the entire engine) and each approach has differences that you should be aware of.  During a rebuild, a lot of engine parts will be reused if they are considered to still be in good enough condition.  With a new engine repower, the exterior components of the engine are replaced with new parts, including alternators, starters, exhaust manifolds, wiring, etc. 

Also, many boat owners elect to rebuild an existing engine rather than repower because they believe it will save money.  However, often the labor that goes into a rebuild is greater than a repower because the parts that are reused need to be refurbished. 

In the case of a rebuild, your warranty will be carried by one company, or if you use several companies in the rebuild, the warranty may be carried by all of the companies responsible for rebuilding your engine.  These warranties tend to be for 90 days, or in the best-case scenario, one year.  However, with a repower, the warranty will be carried by the engine manufacturer.  These repower warranties are valid from 1-3 years. 

Why use Access Marine for your repower?

Here at Access Marine, we specialize in repowering both sail and powerboats.  We have vast experience with diesel engine installations.  Often times, a repower will require custom fitting to install the engine to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Access Marine closely follows the manufacturer’s installation requirements to ensure the warranty is upheld.  During the process, Access Marine upgrades all necessary systems around the engine for proper operation of the new power plant.