About Us

Beta Marine's engine range is based on the most advanced water-cooled diesel from Kubota. Beta_14.jpeg

The range features high quality, heat exchanger or keel cooled engines which are both powerful and compact with:

- Low weight
- Compact size
- Quiet, smooth-running characteristics through the speed range
- Low emissions meeting international requirements for this decade and beyond

Every engine from the BZ482 up to the BV3300 incorporates the Kubota E-TVCS injection system. The BV3800 utilizes the Kubota E-CDIS system for direct injection.

Kubota parts are easy to find worldwide and at reasonable "street" pricing. The Beta engine has been designed for easy maintenance, including:

- Integral oil change pump
- Easy to reach the water pump
- Easy access to heat exchanger anodes

Beta has built a reputation for quality and customer support and the range is designed with this philosophy in mind. Even the smallest engine is a heat exchanger cooled for yacht and workboat applications. This avoids passing raw seawater through the engine block and gives a much longer engine life.

Our Atomic 4 range of replacement engines features narrow feet and compact dimensions. Now you can replace your gas guzzler Atomic with a fuel-efficient, reliable diesel.

All engines can be supplied with a very comprehensive range of options and accessories. Engine parts and service support is available from an international Beta Marine dealer network.


Here at Access Marine, we specialize in repowering both sail and powerboats.  We have vast experience with diesel engine installation.  Often times, a repower will require custom fitting to install the engine to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Access Marine closely follows the manufacturer’s installation requirements to ensure the warranty is upheld. During the process, Access Marine upgrades all necessary systems around the engine for proper operation of the new power plant.